Subscription Price List and Payment Terms

Spend your time only on content beneficial to you! Subscribe to all portals of IVITERA a.s. conveniently starting from 690 CZK annually.

You can order online your selected subscription and pay by a pay card, online transfer, or back transfer with an advance invoice.

Individual subscriptions

Solo Free

100% discount for your consent to receive business and marketing messages from IVITERA a.s. and their partners

CZK 0 annually (100% discount)


Solo Bonus

A private person or self-employed interested in single subscription

CZK 690 annually incl. VAT

30-days subscription

30-days subscription for companies and individual customers

CZK 159 incl. VAT

Corporate subscriptions


For one corporate user

CZK 1,490 annually + VAT


3-7 users from one organization

CZK 4,300 annually + VAT


8-30 users from one organization

CZK 9,900 annually + VAT



If you are interested in subscribing more than 30 users from one organization, please contact our helpdesk to receive an individual price quote.

The print form of the price list and order form in PDF is available for download. Please fill the order in and send it scanned to

Terms and ordering of subscription to HR News, Management News, and Sales News

Price packages contain 12-months subscriptions to all IVITERA a.s. portals for individual customers as well as companies.

The subscription can be ordered at any time for the folowing 12 months, no shorter subscriptions are offered (apart of the 30-days special offer). The subscription is not renewed automatically, we will contact you prior to its expiration. The remaining number of days of your subscription is listed in the upper right corner of your logged-in profile.

You can pay upon receiving an invoice or directly online with a pay card or bank transfer using our payment gate. If you pay online through the payment gate by using the button Order, your subscription and access to all content will be active within minutes (applies only to options Solo, Solo Bonus, and the 30-days special offer).

In order to activate corporate subscriptions Team a Group, our client representative will contact you upon receiving your order.

The single subscription to all portals gives you unlimited access to these projects:

In addition, you are provided with bilingual Czech-English translations and a dictionary prepared by an English-speaking professional.

Become an IVITERA a.s. customer and get the subscription free

If you are a current customer of IVITERA a.s. you are entitled to free subscription to all the IVITERA a.s. portals, for the time while your contract or order is valid

Do you want to activate the free subscription and need to check if your company is the customer of IVITERA a.s.? Please contact our helpdesk by -mail or phone.


We will gladly answer your questions at or phone +420 731 169 890.

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